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LISNR is an audio-based marketing and content distribution platform that activates the sound around consumers to deliver content intelligently and easier than ever before. We work with marketers, content creators and live environments to unlock an unparalleled and dynamic second screen experience tailored to the exact moment of engagement. LISNR intends to activate sound everywhere, creating the ultimate companion second screen experience, delivering content passively to consumers at the most relevant moments in time. We are currently scaling music, live, and broadcast verticals, allowing content creators to deliver second screen experiences to their consumers, and providing brands a very compelling advertising inventory that is delivered prior to content consumption.


The creator of Smart Tones, a new ultrasonic communication protocol for sending data over audio, LISNR trasmits customizable packets of data every second, enabling proximity data transmission, second-screen functionality, authentication and device-to-device connectivity on any LISNR-enabled device.


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