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TubeMogul Enters Exclusive Partnership with Integral Ad Science For Independent Viewability and Fraud Verification

EMERYVILLE, CA– Aug. 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ – TubeMogul, the leading software company for digital branding, and Integral Ad Science, the leading global provider of actionable advertising intelligence for buyers and sellers of digital media, announced today that they have partnered to provide TubeMogul’s clients with independent, third-party viewability measurement and anti-fraud verification.

TubeMogul is the first software platform to integrate Integral’s reporting and optimization data, which can be leveraged by brands and agencies to verify the effectiveness of their video campaigns and better optimize their overall media strategy. Integral’s TRAQ Video Score will provide an impression-level score based on brand safety, ad viewability, fraud, professionalism, and other video measurement metrics. TubeMogul’s clients will be able to see their TRAQ Video score alongside TubeMogul metrics, providing side-by-side verification of ad performance across open exchange inventory as well as inventory purchase directly from publishers.

“Objective third-party certification is absolutely crucial for us and the brands with which we work,” said Jason Lopatecki, TubeMogul’s Chief Strategy Officer. “Integral was a natural partner for us because their video-specific solution ensures that ads are not only viewable, but appear in an environment that’s favorable to advertisers.”

“TubeMogul’s brand and agency clients will immediately benefit from access to TRAQ for their video advertising campaigns,” said Harmon Lyons, Vice President, Business Development at Integral Ad Science. “Integral Ad Science’s TRAQ is the only solution in the marketplace that can empower them to both run on quality media and optimize their campaigns based on several page environment and ad exposure attributes combined.”

About TubeMogul
TubeMogul (NASDAQ: TUBE) is an enterprise software company for digital branding. By reducing complexity, improving transparency and leveraging real-time data, our platform enables advertisers to gain greater control of their digital video advertising spend and to achieve their brand advertising objectives. TubeMogul was incorporated in 2007 and is based in Emeryville, California with operations in New YorkLondonSingapore,TokyoSydneyToronto and offices across the United States.

About Integral Ad Science
Integral Ad Science is a technology company focused on ensuring safe, quality media environments for online advertisers. Employing the industry’s only media valuation platform, Integral Ad Science evaluates the media environment and establishes a TRAQ Score (True Advertising Quality), a first-of-its kind, quantifiable measure of media quality that ultimately benefits every media buyer, seller, publisher and trading platform. TRAQ Score supports an advertiser’s ability to plan, execute and target their audience in an environment that reflects their brand image and drives ROI, while simultaneously setting benchmarks for publishers who wish to improve the quality of their content and design to attract premium advertisers. Integral is headquartered in New York with operations in San FranciscoChicagoLondonBerlinSingaporeSydney, and Melbourne. Learn more at

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