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Localytics Introduces Profiles, The Most Powerful Way for Brands to Personalize and Target their App Marketing

Profiles combines a cross-channel view of users with mobile marketing automation capabilities

Localytics, the only platform that brings app marketing and analytics together, announced today Profiles, a breakthrough way for app marketers to acquire the most complete view of users’ interests and behaviors derived from both in-app insights and other marketing channels. Armed with a holistic understanding of their customers, brands can now create – and automate – more powerful, personalized and targeted in-app and push messaging campaigns to drive loyalty and engagement, and curtail user churn. With the addition of Profiles, Localytics becomes the leading analytics-powered, closed-loop mobile marketing platform.

In the past, brands were challenged with integrating online and offline marketing channels. With the rise of mobile, they also face the additional task of engaging with customers in the mobile moment. By bringing cross-channel marketing insights and behavioral intelligence into app marketing, businesses can more effectively identify power users and at-risk users and create personalized mobile marketing interactions to continuously engage and re-engage them.

Built on an open platform, Profiles collects, manages and shares all relevant data about users across all channels – from both inside and outside the app – combined with existing data and marketing systems. Its automated push messaging feature enables app marketing campaigns to happen at scale.

“We’re extremely excited about Localytics Profiles because it makes Localytics an even more powerful tool in our arsenal,” said Russell Cook, founder and CEO of AllTrails, the leading digital network for outdoor enthusiasts. “Now we can combine our customer insight data with in-app usage and events. This enables us to do deeper analysis for product planning, create more targeted marketing campaigns that resonate with our users, and drive more revenue for our business.”

Examples of how Profiles powers more personalized and targeted mobile marketing:

  • Build loyalty: As a thank you, marketers can send a push message with a coupon code to people between the ages of 18-31 who bought an item in-store in the last 7 days and incentivize them to make another purchase.
  • Drive conversion: Businesses can send an in-app message with an exclusive offer to users who have read three articles in the app in the last week and are not active subscribers.
  • Increase engagement: Marketers can send a special invite to an exclusive Boston Bruins event via push messaging to fans who live in the same location as the event.

“Brands don’t merely want to blast customers with messages; they want to send messages that their users will find valuable, in order to create loyalty and bolster the lifetime value of their users,” said Raj Aggarwal, Localytics CEO. “Since 20 percent of apps are opened only once, marketers are constantly seeking better ways to engage their app users. By pulling in insights and context from both inside and outside the app, Profiles arms marketers with the powerful insights and automated tools to deliver more personalized and targeted campaigns.”

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