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Qualia Partners With Placed To Prove That Mobile Campaigns Influence A Consumer's Path-To-Purchase In The Physical World

Partnership ties commercial intent expressed in the digital domain to consumer’s offline behaviors post mobile ad-exposure and attributes it to in-store visits

NEW YORK --(BusinessWire)--October 28, 2014 – Qualia, a pioneer and leader in discovering and delivering on consumers’ ever-evolving, real-time expressions of intent, has signed an agreement to access Placed’s location technology. With Placed Attribution, and Qualia’s proprietary understanding of consumer intent, Qualia clients can now benefit from understanding the actions consumers take in the physical world after viewing a mobile ad.

Placed Attribution connects the digital and physical worlds to quantify the impact mobile advertising has on understanding consumers’ offline behaviors. Leveraging the Place Graph® which measures over 200MM locations a day from nearly a quarter million opted-in panelists, Placed has the most complete view of where people go in the physical world and offers marketers the ability to directly tie mobile ad exposure to consumers’ offline behaviors and attribute that to an in-store visit.

Kathy Leake, CEO and co-founder of Qualia, said: “Traditional methods of targeting in digital advertising were, and still are, an approximation. Here at Qualia, we know that where you reach a consumer in their intent path means everything. By combining Placed’s technology with our Intent Quality™ Decision Engine, we can prove the value of targeting audiences, based on their expressions of intent, and measure success vis-a-vis driving people into physical retail locations – like banks, dealerships, gas stations, hotels, theaters, QSRs, etc. This is the holy-grail of all marketing, and for the first time we can prove how digital campaigns influence changes in consumer behavior at the brick-and-mortar level.”

“We were drawn to Qualia at first because of their deep mobile heritage,” said David Shim, Founder & CEO, Placed. “As I started to learn more about Qualia’s targeting capabilities, and how their technology decodes consumer intent across-devices to influence a purchase, the opportunity for Placed Attribution to quantify in-store visits was clear for all parties.”

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